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Creative Victoria Bill 2016

It is indeed a pleasure to rise this afternoon to speak on the Creative Victoria Bill 2016. This bill builds on the exceptional work of the Minister for Creative Industries in launching in May this year the document Creative State — Victoria's First Creative Industries Strategy 2016–2020.

Budget Papers 2016-17

It is a pleasure this afternoon to rise to speak on the budget papers and to resume the debate. I think it must be nearly six months since I started this speech, but the real pleasure of resuming the debate in December is the fact that what we said we would do we are actually getting on with doing, so it is a real pleasure to be able to report that major commitments by this government to my electorate of Narre Warren South are being delivered.

Narre Warren Village

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Police, who is here this evening, and concerns the Narre Warren Village. The action I seek is that the minister considers providing further support to the City of Casey to improve safety in this vibrant and diverse shopping village, which is just around the corner from my office and home to a wide range of local businesses, community facilities and Narre Warren train station.

Heritage Bill 2016

The Greens political party always outdo themselves. It is always about slogans but never about facts, and slogans are very easy to put out there. What we have the responsibility for on this side of the house that you will never have the responsibility for is actually bringing legislation to this house that deals with complex issues and deals with them in a very responsive, timely and accountable way. And this is exactly what this bill does. The Heritage Bill 2016 has been an election commitment of ours because we recognised, in speaking to people in the heritage sector and in the history sector, that it was long overdue for a review, and we committed at the election to do just that.


The Andrews Labor Government is putting the safety of local residents first through Victoria’s first ever Community Safety Statement.

Creative arts in Casey

My question is to the Minister for Creative Industries, and it concerns the City of Casey. I ask how the partnership between the Municipal Association of Victoria, Creative Victoria and local governments promotes and supports the arts and our creative industries within the City of Casey.