Farkhunda, a young woman in Afghanistan was viciously attacked and beaten to death by a group of men earlier this month.

Following an argument with a Mullah who was selling charms at a local shrine Farkhunda was falsely accused of burning a Koran and attacked by a bloodthirsty mob.

In response to this appalling crime the Afghan Women’s Organisation Victoria organised a peaceful rally in front of the Parliament of Victoria on the weekend.

Ms Graley attended the rally and spoke about the need for the local community to work together, to listen, to speak out and support each other in ending violence against women.

“We must work with the men and women of the local Afghan community to ensure we stamp out violence against women in every home, everywhere and ensure this never happens again,”

“No woman should be forced to live in fear for themselves or their loves ones, they should be able to practice their faith and live their lives in peace,”

“We mustn’t forget what Farkhunda endured simply for speaking up for what she believed in, she deserved so much more,”

“As Martin Luther King Jr once said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,”

“To ensure these acts of violence become a thing of the past in Victoria the Andrews Labor Government has established Australia’s first Royal Commission into family violence.”

Gulghotai Bezhan from the Afghan Women’s Organisation Victoria, organised the rally and said that Afghan men and women wanted justice to be served for Farkhunda.

“No woman should be forced to endure such brutality, we want to ensure justice is served not only for Farkhunda but all women who face violence,”

“We want to tell the world that we are a people of peace, justice and human rights, these acts of violence are only the acts of fanatics.”