Baillieu abandons Casey’s roads

Dear Editor

Baillieu abandons Casey’s roads

RACV’s transport blueprint “Growing Pains” has again highlighted the Baillieu Government’s inaction on road upgrades for Casey.

RACV has identified the continuation of Glasscocks Road, O’Shea Road extension and the duplications of various roads, including Thompsons Road, as areas for strong investment.

However, the Baillieu Government’s consistent refusal to allocate the funds needed to get these projects off the ground means local residents will continue to be stuck in traffic jams.

Roads funding in Casey has dropped by 95 per cent since the Baillieu Government was elected. The Government spent just $4.5 million on road upgrades in Casey this year; a stark contrast to the $45 million spent on average each year by the former Labor Government.

RACV has also identified the upgrading of Hallam, Lynbrook and Merinda Park stations to premium status as a priority.

In 2010, the former Labor Government allocated the funds required to upgrade Hallam station, which would have included staff from first train to last train each day, as well as toilet facilities. The Baillieu Government cancelled this upgrade upon taking office.

Transport funding must keep pace with the significant population growth in Casey, however the Baillieu Government just does not care.


Judith Graley

State Labor Member for Narre Warren South