State Labor Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley called on the Minister for Education to commit to providing funding for construction of the Casey Central East Primary School in Parliament last week.

Ms Graley said that Casey Central East Primary School is desperately needed to cater for the increasing local demand as surrounding schools overflowed, with nearly 1000 students in each.

“Casey Central East Primary School was a fully funded part of Labors Financial Statement 4 (LFS4) which set out the new schools that would be built in Labors term if we had been re-elected,”

“The Liberal Party did not commit during the election to building Casey Central East
Primary School and still does not,”

 “The Ministers reply to questioning on this important matter in Parliament is inaccurate and most disappointing,”

“Clearly construction of the new school is now uncertain, indeed it is in the never-never.”

In a submission to the Outer Suburban/Interface Services and Development Committee, Chief Executive Officer of the City of Casey, Mike Tyler said that he was concerned that local community services weren`t arriving at the same time as new housing

“The existing facilities can manage and cope, but they are not providing the optimal solution for people and communities in growth areas, firstly by having overcrowded schools and secondly by not having schools in the right locations,”

“You are going to provide the better community by accelerating the provision of services that are otherwise going to be provided-just provide them at a time that meets the expectations of the community and makes those communities liveable from the outset.”

Ms Graley said that the City of Casey is not only Victoria’s largest municipality, but one of its fastest growing with an average of 120 people moving into the municipality each week,”

“Many of those people are young families, parents who are now quite rightly concerned about the uncertainty surrounding Casey Central East Primary School,”

“It is time for the Minister to come clean and let local families know if and when Casey Central East Primary School will be built and open.”