Baillieu Government fare slug for commuters at Hallam Station

The Baillieu Government will slug Casey public transport users extra from January 1, 2012 but will not deliver any improvements to the public transport network beyond the projects Labor started, Shadow Transport Minister, Fiona Richardson said today.

Discussing the State Opposition’s campaign to stop the Baillieu Government’s public transport fare slug at Hallam Station, Ms Richardson said transport fares would rise up to 11 per cent across metropolitan and regional services and were the largest increase in a decade.

“Casey commuters will usually accept a reasonable fare rise if, in return, they get a better services,” Ms Richardson said.

“But after 12 months in office the Baillieu Government has failed to provide a comprehensive plan for improving public transport.”

Ms Richardson said Labor proposed the increase to pay for major infrastructure, outlined in the Victorian Transport Plan, to modernise Victoria’s transport system and cater for the State’s growing needs.

“By scrapping the plan but keeping the fare increase, Transport Minister Terry Mulder is expecting every commuter to pay more for nothing in return,” she said.

“Mr Mulder can no longer blame everyone else for his failures to invest and improve Victoria’s public transport system.

“Mr Mulder has tried to blame everyone else for this fare slug with no commuter benefits – just as he did in December last year – but it is his signature on the dotted line. The Minister alone authorised this fare slug.”

State Labor Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley said the increase, which will cost commuters hundreds of dollars extra every year, puts a lie to Mr Baillieu’s election promise to cut the cost of living.

“Mr Mulder has literally walked away from Casey commuters having slashed a premium station upgrade for Hallam station, approved a timetable that runs almost two in every three peak hour trains against peak passenger demand and failed to implement additional transport services over the Christmas period,” Ms Graley said.

“Every time a Casey commuter boards a train, tram or a bus, they will be reminded how little Mr Mulder cares and how he has broken his Government’s promise to cut the cost of living with this fare slug.”

Ms Graley said residents could follow the Fare Slug on Facebook!/FareSlug or on Twitter: @FareSlug