Parents at Berwick Fields Primary School are calling for action to address the parking situation at their school.

Ms Graley has met with local parents to discuss their concerns and yesterday
raised the matter in Parliament on their behalf.

“Berwick Fields Primary School is a fantastic local school, it is also a school that has
grown rapidly with over 1000 students now attending,”

“Many parents have told me that there is no longer enough parking and that the existing parking spaces are simply too small,”

“There have been accidents, countless near misses, illegal parking and constant confusion about parking restrictions around the school,

“This is an issue facing many local schools and I know that local families have simply had enough.”

Tracy Radley, a local parent said that existing parking was woefully inadequate and that it was an accident waiting to happen.

“My car has been damaged multiple times, I have been fined twice for parking two wheels on a nature strip in an attempt to protect my car and I have seen a car hit by a bus,”

“It is simply unsafe for our kids and at the end of the day we just want our kids to make it home safely.”

Vivienne Duigan, a parent of twin boys at the school said that her car was hit by a bus because another parent had illegally parked their car in the designated bus zone.

“I am facing a $10,000 damage bill, yet I`m just so glad that none of the students were outside at the time as it could have been so much worse,”

“The illegal parking and carelessness of some parents is a real concern and needs to
be addressed.”