Local students and their families are embarking upon new reading adventures as part of the 2015 Premiers Reading Challenge.

Over the past ten years nearly two million young people have read an incredible 34 million books through the Challenge.

Ms Graley joined with students from Berwick Fields Primary School in their amazing Bamboozled Library to launch the Challenge last month.

“Each and every year students from across my electorate, including hundreds from Berwick Fields Primary School read countless books throughout the Challenge,”

“Their teachers and parents always go above and beyond, encouraging and supporting them as they get to experience the sense of wonder and excitement a good book provides,”

“Literacy is such an important part of learning and improving so it’s terrific to see so many students developing a love of reading.”

Ms Graley encouraged all parents to grab a book and get reading with their children as often as possible.

“Reading to our children from a young age gives them a much needed head start in life and at school,”

“We have seen that students who are read to from an early age and gain a love of reading, develop faster and do exceptionally well at school,”

“They have improved communication skills, longer attention spans, a great understanding of the world around them and extraordinary imaginations,”

“I encourage everyone to get out a good book, sit down with your family and together discover an amazing story.”