Casey’s youth continue to struggle to find work as figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) revealed that Victoria has the highest rate of youth unemployment of the mainland states and territories at 18.9 per cent.

Last month saw the lowest number of young people in work in Victoria in more than four years – since August 2009– with only 142,300 employed.

In the South Eastern Melbourne region which includes the City of Casey, the youth unemployment rate was revealed to be a worrying 12.6 per cent.

“The sad figures released today are the result of Denis Napthine failing to provide job or training opportunities for our young people,” Ms Graley said.

“These figures are a disgrace and it’s shameful that Denis Napthine is doing nothing and standing behind his “necessary” cuts to our TAFE’s and schools,”

“It is a clear that this Premier and his government simply don`t care about local families or their children’s future,”

“No one, especially those younger people seeking their first job can have any confidence that Denis Napthine or his government are on their side.”

Ms Graley said that Denis Napthine’s savage cuts to our TAFE and school system meant that fewer young people were getting the skills they needed to gain employment.

“Ripping $1.2 billion out of the TAFE system has seen fewer and fewer young people take that next step after completing high school,”

“Our young people and their families are reeling from these cruel cuts that have led to huge fee increases, campuses being closed, classes cut and countless hardworking and dedicated teachers out of work,”

“Instead of creating jobs, working with industry or skilling up the local workforce, Denis Napthine is sitting back and doing nothing as our young people face a bleak future.”