Liz Collins, a mother of three fights each and every day to provide her children with the best care and life possible.

Unfortunately Liz’s children suffer from multiple complex disorders, including a rare chromosome condition that is the only documented case in the world.

Liz has been desperately seeking assistance from the Department of Human Services and the Minister for Community Services, yet she has received no assistance and has been ignored by the Minister.

Ms Graley said that it was deplorable that the Minister had not only failed to take action but even respond to Liz’s concerns.

“For too long Liz and her family have been ignored, left struggling not only to make ends meet but to ensure their children receive the care they need,”

“These beautiful children need extensive and round the clock care that leaves Ms Collins emotionally and physically exhausted every single day,”

“Instead of getting the help they need, Liz and her children have been left behind, forced into debt and struggling just to survive.”

Ms Graley called on the Minister to finally step up, stop ignoring the Collins family and do whatever necessary to ensure they receive the support and care they need.

“I cannot fathom the stress and anxiety Liz has been forced to endure as she tried and tried again just to get in contact with those who should have been there for her,”

“There is absolutely no justification for the ordeal this family has been put through and I urge the Minister to do what’s right, take immediate action and provide the care and support they so rightfully deserve.”