The Andrews Labor Government has opened much needed new traffic lanes at a busy Narre Warren South intersection to reduce congestion and get local residents home sooner.

Savings from the $45 million Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road upgrade project, completed last year, were used to upgrade the intersection of Greaves Road, Pound Road and Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road.

As Melbourne’s south-east continues to grow, and with more than 29,000 cars travelling through the intersection daily, queues of up to 250 metres during peak periods have been a source of frustration for local residents.

The improvements, which include an additional left turn lane and longer right turn lane on both Greaves Road and Pound Road, will reduce lengthy queues and delays for drivers.

Greaves Road and Pound Road are vital connecting roads onto Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road, and adding capacity on both roads will allow traffic to flow freely and provide safer access to local shops and nearby residential area.

Quotes Attributable to the Member for Narre Warren South Judith Couacaud Graley

“This notoriously congested intersection has been a major source of frustration for local residents who are often simply trying to get to or from work each day,”

“The much needed upgrade will ensure that instead of finding themselves stuck in traffic, local residents will spend more time at home with their families.”

Quotes Attributable to the Minister for Roads Luke Donnellan

“We’re making sure local residents who use this intersection everyday aren’t stuck at the traffic lights.”

“We’re fixing this intersection to halve the delays during peak travel times, and make the journey more reliable.”