Fountain Gate Secondary College’s outstanding EPIC team have finished second at the World Championships of the Future Problem Solving Competition in the US.

The members of EPIC, which stands for Encouraging Pride in Our Community, chose to tackle community spirit and pride within their local community and have redesigned the fountain and gardens that act as a gateway to our community.

Recently Ms Graley met with the team to congratulate them on this outstanding accomplishment and to see how the project was progressing.

 “These extraordinary young men and women, the very first from a state school in Victoria to make the World Championships have exceeded all expectations and should be very proud of their efforts,”

“I have been privileged to be involved in this project and I am just so very pleased to have seen how this experience has allowed these young people to grow and achieve so much,”

 “I have no doubt that each and every one of the students involved will go on to even bigger and better things.”

Ms Graley called on the City of Casey to ensure the students hard work wasn`t wasted and provide the remaining $35,000 for the project to be completed.

“The students have worked tirelessly to ensure that the once proud heart of our community is restored to an iconic centre piece we can all be proud of,”

“It will not only reflect our rich history and multicultural community, but will also be a safe place local residents can enjoy during the day or at night,”

“The team is so very appreciative of all the support they have received so far but they just need a little bit more to turn this project into a reality,”

“I urge the City of Casey to do what’s right and ensure our local community can enjoy the Fountain Gate Garden of Civic Pride for many years to come.”