The Napthine Government has refused to take action to address the dilapidated and asbestos riddled buildings staff and students at Hampton Park Primary School are forced to put up with.

Earlier this year Ms Graley visited the school to see first-hand the appalling condition of facilities at the school.

Following the visit Ms Graley wrote to the Minister requesting urgent action be taken to reinstate the school as a priority on the government’s school building program.

“Well over two months after I wrote to the Minister on behalf of Hampton Park Primary School, I have now received his truly deplorable response,”

“Instead of listening to the concerns of staff, students and parents alike he has chosen to do nothing at all,”

“In fact, the Minister is so unconcerned about the welfare of students that he has advised the school to deal with the situation themselves,”

“There can be no clearer indication that the Minister and indeed the bitterly divided Napthine Government just doesn`t care about our local schools.”

Ms Graley said that the Napthine Government must stop the excuses and get on with the job of rebuilding Hampton Park Primary School.

“There is asbestos in the walls, multiple leaks in the roof, floors are collapsing and earlier this year the student’s toilets were damaged and had to be closed for a number of days,”

“This is simply unacceptable, no student or teacher should be forced to endure such appalling conditions,”

“Our children, our hard working and dedicated teachers deserve better.”