Students and staff at Hampton Park Primary School have been put at risk by the Napthine Government’s neglect State Labor Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley said today.

Ms Graley recently visited the school and saw first-hand the dilapidated and asbestos riddled buildings staff and students are forced to put up with each and every day.

“In 2010 Hampton Park Primary School was asked to prepare its Master Plan as part of Labor’s Building Futures program,”

“Their plans included the demolition of the existing administration and specials rooms building and the construction of a new administration and learning centre,”

“Unfortunately these plans have been ignored by a careless and dysfunctional government that has instead ignored the problem and refused to take action,”

“Abandoning staff and students to inadequate, run-down, leaking old buildings that would be much better off bulldozed.”

Ms Graley said that the Napthine Government must immediately reinstate Hampton Park Primary School as a priority on the government’s school building program.

“There is asbestos in the walls, multiple leaks in the roof, floors are collapsing and just recently the student’s toilets were damaged and had to be closed for a number of days,”

“This is simply unacceptable, no student or teacher should be forced to work or learn in such conditions,”

“Our children, our hard working and dedicated teachers deserve better,”

“It is time for the Napthine Government to stop the excuses, stop the neglect and get on with the job of rebuilding Hampton Park Primary School.”