Hampton Park Primary School student Jasmin Crutchley has been awarded a Community, Spirit and Leadership award.

At the final whole school assembly of the year Jasmin received the award for her outstanding work as a member of the Junior School Council and her commitment to protecting our environment.

“Jasmin is a fine young woman who is determined to do everything she can to the best of her abilities whilst also finding the time to help others,”

“Whether it be tackling the issue of sustainable living, ballet dancing or representing her
school in the Tournament of Minds or Maths Challenge for Young Australians, there’s not much Jasmin can`t do,”

“I have no doubt that Jasmin will continue to excel at everything she does and who knows, we might just have a future parliamentarian on our hands.”

Teachers’ comments about Jasmin

  • At all times Jasmin shows herself to be a responsible, honest and friendly student. She is well respected amongst her peers and always acts with integrity.
  • Jasmin has indicated her concern for the greater community by entering a competition titled ‘What does Sustainable Living Mean to you’, where she was required to write a 400 word essay about the importance of the survival of the planet and sustainable living. Jasmin shows a good understanding of a number of contemporary world issues.
  • Jasmin has also been a member of the Junior School Council this year where she has been involved in various initiatives, planning and decision making. Jasmin is a confident public speaker which she has demonstrated on a number of occasions when addressing the whole school community at school assemblies.
  • Jasmin is always involved in school activities. This year she has performed at the Kids Matter school concert, chess club and was a member of our Enrichment group. Jasmin represented Hampton Park Primary School in the Tournament of Minds, Maths Challenge for Young Australians and was the schools best performing student in Mathematics and Literacy in the University of New South Wales exams.
  • Jasmin enjoys ballet dancing and spends three nights a week practising or performing.