Julie’s fight for fair treatment successful

Congratulations to Julie Johnson on the success of her campaign for a footpath from the bus stop at Casey Central Shopping Centre, State Labor Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley said today.

Ms Johnson, a Narre Warren South resident who has MS, experienced a lot of difficulty catching the bus on Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road due to the lack of footpath in front of Casey Central Shopping Centre.

When nothing was being done to address the matter, Ms Johnson was assisted by Ms Graley to start a campaign for a footpath, which was installed recently.

Ms Johnson said the new footpath made catching public transport much easier.

“Getting to the traffic lights from the bus stop is no longer a major struggle,” she said

“I no longer have to risk getting my scooter bogged down in the mud or worry about it tipping over.”

Ms Graley said that universal access of public facilities is very important.

“Governments at all levels need to ensure that public facilities are able to be accessed by everybody, including people who use wheelchairs and scooters to move around,” she said

“I am pleased that Council acted on what was a very important issue for not only Julie, but also the many local residents who have been unable to use this bus stop until now.”