The Narre Warren Police and Clinical Emergency Response Unit is freeing up police and providing expert care to local residents.

PACER units act as secondary response unit that police request for incidents that may require an on site clinical assessment of a person’s mental health, advice on mental health referral options and appropriate transportation options.

They can also assist in de-escalating high-risk situations and when dealing with individuals who regularly contact and request assistance from emergency services. 

Ms Graley spoke in Parliament about the fantastic work of the Narre Warren PACER unit and requested that the Minister for Police and Corrections, Wade Noonan MP, visit Narre Warren Police Station to meet with them.

“The outstanding Narre Warren PACER unit ensures that those in need of assistance receive the support and care they need much sooner, freeing up our hardworking police officers,”

“Instead of spending hours stuck in hospital emergency departments, police can get back out on the roads and keep our community safe,”

“Fewer patients now require transportation to hospital and many feel much safer and happier to remain at home with family while being assessed by a mental health clinician,”

“This unit has done an exceptional job and I look forward to introducing them all to the Minister.”