Labor to support camps, sports and excursions for our kids

Labor’s $150 million Camps, Sports and Excursions fund will cover the increasing costs of school trips and free up the family budget to ensure our kids don`t miss out.

Eligible primary school students will receive $125 a year, and secondary school students $225 a year. Payments will go directly to the school but will be tied to the student and families with Concession Cards will also be eligible.

Labor will also provide $13.5 million for Foodbank to establish breakfast clubs at 500 government primary schools and $15.5 million to help struggling families buy school uniforms.

Ms Graley said that unlike the Liberals who cut the Education Maintenance Allowance, School Start Bonus and Free Fruit program, Labor would provide local families with the support they needed.

“Many local families are doing it tough, they are struggling to make ends meet and our kids are missing out,”

“No child should be forced to miss out on going on camp or playing sport with their mates because their family just can’t afford it,”

“Labor will help the families that the Liberals left behind, because we want every child to have the same opportunities in life.”

Dianna Dozet, a Berwick mother of three children said that the family budget was being stretched further and further each and every year.

“School uniforms, camps, excursions, sports, it all adds up and it’s just getting so much harder to ensure our kids don’t miss out,”

“Labor’s new fund is fantastic news for local families and will not only take some pressure of our budget but allow our kids the opportunity to do even more.”