Letter to the Editor: Clyde Road

Dear Editor

Cutting ribbons just doesn’t cut it

Jason Wood has been back in La Trobe for all of five minutes and he is already claiming credit for the duplication of Clyde Road.

Let there be no misunderstanding this project was jointly funded by the previous
Labor State and Federal Governments.

It was only the dithering of this dysfunctional government that led to such a delay in the project being delivered.

Fixing and upgrading roads in my electorate and the surrounding growth areas was a major priority of the State Labor Government.

We spent over $500 million on local roads, and we were committed to ensuring the local road infrastructure would meet the needs of our growing community.

Unfortunately this has not been the case under the Baillieu and Napthine Governments. Funding for local roads has dried up and neither Brad Battin nor Jason Wood has done a single thing about it.

Cutting ribbons and taking credit for the work of others just doesn`t cut it. Our community deserves better.