Letter to the Editor – Kindergarten funding

Local families will be the hardest hit by the Abbott Government’s latest backflip on funding for kindergartens.

Yet again the Abbott Government is considering abandoning the program that guarantees that four year olds get 15 hours of preschool a week.

This cruel move would slash $97 million of annual preschool funding to Victoria, jeopardise the jobs of teachers and carers, reduce student’s hours and see fees rise.

Local families already struggling to make ends meet would see their kids miss out, kindergartens will be forced to cuts jobs and many local parents will have no choice but to either cut back on their working hours or find additional child care elsewhere.

The out of touch Abbott Government must reconsider this appalling move and provide reassurance to local families by committing to fund 15 hours of preschool a week after 2017.

Our kids deserve nothing less than the very best start in life.

Judith Couacaud Graley MP