Local Mother’s TAFE cuts story put to the Premier

The Premier has once again failed to explain why the $300 million cuts to TAFE were ‘necessary’ as he previously claimed, State Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley said today.

Ms Graley said the Premier was presented with the situation being faced by Nadine, a mother of twin boys from Cranbourne North whose night classes were cut as a result of the Baillieu Government’s savage cuts to TAFE,”

“Nadine has been studying  a Diploma of Community Services at TAFE, but this year the night classes have been cancelled by Chisholm to help deal with the massive funding cuts imposed on that institution by the Baillieu Government,”

“Nadine is now in the situation where she either has to give up her job in order to finish her studies during the day, or quit her diploma and her dreams of a better job working to help others,”

“When presented with this information Mr Baillieu simply refused to provide Nadine with an explanation.”

Nadine said she was very disappointed by the Premier’s refusal to explain why her family would be disadvantaged by the ‘necessary’ cuts to TAFE and education.

“As a result of Mr Baillieu’s cuts I am facing a significant fee increase, a lack of night classes and the loss of a number of wonderful teachers who provided essential support last year,”

“I simply don’t understand how these cuts were necessary and I implore Mr Baillieu to make no further cuts to education and TAFE.”

Ms Graley said that it was clear that the Premier simply doesn`t understand or care about the impact his Government’s cuts to TAFE and education are having on local families.

“Nadine, like so many other parents has already had to face missing out on assistance with uniforms, purchasing text books, transport costs or even school excursions because of this
Government’s cuts to education,”

“Whether it is the Baillieu Government’s $300 million cuts to TAFE or its $555 million
cuts to education, the price is being paid by families like Nadine’s who simply can’t afford it,”

“Nadine’s twin boys deserve to have a strong education system and the best possible opportunities in life,”

“It’s time Mr Baillieu and his Government stopped the cuts and started to support our local schools and families.”

Legislative Assembly – Parliament of Victoria

Questions without Notice

6 February 2013

Mr ANDREWS (Leader of the Opposition) — My question is again to the Premier. I refer the Premier to the case of Nadine, a mother of twins from Cranbourne North. Nadine studies for a diploma of community services at Chisholm Institute of TAFE, and because of the state government cutbacks all Nadine’s night classes have been cancelled.

I ask: is the Premier proud of the fact that because of his government’s cutbacks Nadine
must choose now between working during the day to provide for her family and
studying to build a better future?

Mr BAILLIEU (Premier) — Again on the matter of vocational education and training, I indicate that when we came to office the vocational training system in Victoria was on the basis that anyone could study anything — any time, any course, at any cost. The result of that was a massive financial blow-out. It is not something that the opposition wants to

It has not recognised that over three years. Labor members were warned when they were in government. The previous government was warned but did nothing about it. The system we inherited was unsustainable.