Minister must fix Hallam Road mess

Local residents continue to be put at risk by the Napthine Government’s bungling of the Hallam Road upgrade.

Scheduled for completion in 2013 the project is now well behind schedule, with no firm
completion date and local residents, commuters and businesses now bearing the brunt of this mess.

In Parliament this week Ms Graley called on the Minister to finally take action and ensure local residents can continue to use Hallam Road safely.

“Local residents who were so very pleased when Labor announced and funded this project are now contacting my office to express their anger and disappointment at the constant delays and state of Hallam Road,”

 “In one small stretch of road we now have three lanes being reduced to two lanes, then to one lane and back again to two lanes,”

 “There is inadequate signage, no white lines painted on the road and most concerning of all is that at one point the asphalt abruptly stops without warning and turns straight into gravel with a number of large potholes,”

“This concoction of confusion is quite simply unsafe and local residents forced to navigate this mess at night or in the rain are being forced to put their lives at risk.”

Local resident David Russell regularly travels down Hallam Road and was so concerned by the state of the road works that he contacted VicRoads and Ms Graley to see what could be done.

“Each night there is a real fight on between motorists as they are corralled into fewer, unmarked and at times unsurfaced lanes,”

“Recently there was absolutely no demarcation of lanes on the North side of Pound Road,”

“It beggars belief that this situation has been allowed to occur when it puts so many, from local residents to those working on the road at risk.”