Minister’s education award hypocrisy

The Baillieu Government’s Minister for Education Martin Dixon has shown breathtaking hypocrisy posing for photo opportunities with VCAL students after savagely cutting education funding, State Labor Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley said today.

Last year, the Baillieu Government cut $48 million in VCAL coordination funding, leaving schools up to $130,000 worse off every year.

“Minister Dixon has shown breathtaking hypocrisy posing for photos with VCAL award recipients from Narre Warren South P-12 College when he has done everything possible to sabotage their education,” she said

“Around Victoria, VCAL programs have shut down as a result of this cruel and callous funding cut, with schools requesting Narre Warren South P-12 to take on their entire VCAL programs.”

Since its 2011 Budget, the Baillieu Government has:

  • Cut $48 million from VCAL
  • Cut the $300 School Start Bonus
  • Cut the Education Maintenance Allowance for schools
  • Cut $290 million from TAFE
  • Withheld Federal Government literacy funding from public schools, while providing it to private schools

Ms Graley said that the savage cuts to education and training will add substantially to the record high unemployment rate in Victoria.

“The Baillieu Government’s record on education is a very sad story indeed,” she said

“The saddest part of these education cuts is that they send our young people straight to the unemployment queue.”