State Labor Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley asked the Minister for Education to explain why National Partnership funding destined for Victorian public schools that achieved literacy and numeracy benchmarks had not been passed on in Parliament this week.

Ms Graley said that five local schools in the Narre Warren South electorate had missed out on their fair share of $57.4 million provided by the Federal Labor Government based on improvement in key learning areas of literacy and numeracy.

“Narre Warren South P-12 College, Kambrya College, Lyndhurst College, Fountain Gate Primary School and Fountain Gate Secondary College have all been denied funding they had rightfully earned,”

“The hard work of both staff and students alike has been for naught as the Minister has once again ripped them off.”

In response to Ms Graley’s Question without Notice the Minister refused to explain why the funding was now languishing in the Department of Treasury and Finance.

“The Minister has once again failed to explain why he has pocketed the funding and denied local schools the resources they need,”

 “Of course this is to be expected from a Minister who has previously claimed he is too busy to visit local schools to hear their concerns.”  Ms Graley said

In little over two years we have seen the Minister:

  • Cut $48 million from VCAL
  • Axe the $300 School Start Bonus
  • Slash the Education Maintenance Allowance for schools
  • Cut $290 million from TAFE
  • Cut the School Conveyance Allowance
  • Refuse to provide funding for construction of Casey Central East Primary School
  • Delay construction of Officer Special School
  • Axe Free Fruit Friday

“In recent weeks we have seen the undeniable incompetence of the Minister on full display as the extent of the cuts to the conveyance allowance were revealed, forcing yet another backflip as the Auditor General slammed his unjustified and savage cuts to VCAL,”

“Quite clearly the Minister has failed local families and their schools.”