Local families are set to be slugged by both the State and Federal Governments as car
registration and petrol prices skyrocket, State Labor Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley said.

In the recent State Budget it was revealed that the Napthine Government was set to increase the cost of vehicle registration to almost $750 per year.

This follows Tony Abbott’s appalling decision to increase the tax on petrol by 3
cents a litre.

In Parliament last week Ms Graley called on the Napthine Government to introduce a payment plan option for vehicle registration.

 “I am constantly contacted by local residents wanting to know why they are still forced to pay for their vehicle’s registration in one lump sum,”

“In Narre Warren South alone there are two vehicles for every household and over 75% of people travel to work by car,” 

“Local families now rely on multiple vehicles and having to pay for their vehicle’s registration in one lump sum is a huge hit to the already stressed family budget,”

“It has become such a burden for so many families that the wonderful Casey North Community Information and Support Service now offer no-interest loans for this purpose.”

 “The cost of registering your vehicle has skyrocketed under the Napthine Government
yet we are yet to see any of that money invested in local roads, not one cent was provided in the recent State Budget,”

“Local families already have to put up with deteriorating roads, a lack of public transport and the rising cost of living, they should not be forced to fork out even more by this greedy government,”

“Giving families the option to pay for their vehicles registration through a payment plan will make a significant difference in their lives and be one less pressure on the family budget,”

“I urge the Napthine Government to do what’s right and take the necessary steps to establish a payment plan for vehicle registration.”