The Napthine Government’s desperate State Budget has failed to provide a single cent of funding for much needed upgrades of local roads, State Labor Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley said today.

Ms Graley said that Mr Napthine had dismissed strong community campaigns to upgrade Thompsons Road, improve safety at the intersection of Pound and Shrives Road intersection and construct a pedestrian crossing on Pound Road.

“Not one of these desperately needed projects was funded as local resident’s pleas were once again ignored,”

“I am constantly contacted by local residents who are sick and tired of finding themselves stuck in traffic on our local roads,”

“Thompsons Road, one of our most important arterial roads is grinding to a halt as it struggles to meet the demands of our growing local community,”

“Accidents continue to plague the intersection of Pound and Shrives Road, leading to constant delays and ever-worsening congestion and local residents are now too afraid to even attempt to cross Pound Road on foot,”

“Yet Mr Napthine refuses to take action, he refuses to even acknowledge there are roads that his $10 Billion tunnel won`t be able to fix,”

“It may be news to the Premier but his beloved tunnel won`t do a single thing to improve local roads or reduce congestion in Casey,”

“Our local roads need to be upgraded, local residents don`t deserve to be stuck in traffic instead of spending time with their families.”