State Labor Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley has slammed the Napthine Government’s failure to protect manufacturing jobs in Casey.

Ms Graley said that over 20,000 local residents were employed in the manufacturing sector and in the Narre Warren South electorate alone there are over 900 employed in the automotive component manufacturing sector,”

“We have been forced to watch in horror as Ford, Holden and now Toyota have announced they will stop making cars in Victoria in just a few short years,”

“This is diabolical news for local workers and their families, yet the Napthine Government has failed to do a single thing about it,”

“Families are facing the very real possibility of not being able to afford their mortgage, they may have to move house and their children could be forced to change schools,”

“Yet this government has no jobs plan, no strategy to protect, let alone create new jobs as local families bear the brunt of Victoria’s jobs crisis.”

Ms Graley said the Napthine Government must take responsibility for this mess and do something to stem the seemingly never ending flow of job losses.

“The worst possible approach would be for the government to continue to throw its hands in the air and complain there is nothing it can do,”

“We cannot afford to have a lazy, incompetent and uncaring government too focused on internal party fights and beholden to the Member for Frankston,”

“We need a government that’s going to protect and create jobs, a government that will ensure local residents don`t go to bed at night worrying if they will still have a job in the

“These people, the people of Casey and my electorate of Narre Warren South deserves better, they deserve a government that cares, listens and acts,”

“They deserve better than the Napthine Government.”