The Napthine Government’s savage cuts to our health system have left Casey Hospital in crisis State Labor Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley said today.

Ms Graley said that ambulances are taking hours to arrive, emergency patients are being crammed into hospital corridors and local residents are waiting longer than ever to be treated.

“I am often contacted by local residents left frustrated and deeply concerned by their experience at Casey Hospital,”

“Sarah Eken, a local mother found out recently just how bad things have gotten at Casey Hospital under the watch of Denis Napthine and Health Minister David Davis,”

“Suffering from severe chest pain and in desperate need of aid Sarah was unable to get an ambulance and her husband and terrified daughter were forced to drive her to Casey Hospital,”

“Unfortunately the emergency department was once again overflowing and Sarah was left to wait, writhing in agony on the floor before finally receiving attention,”

“Sarah suffered not one but two heart attacks and is now facing seven arduous weeks of rehabilitation,”

“This should never have happened, David Davis and Denis Napthine should hang their heads in shame,”

“It is their fault, not that of our incredibly hardworking nurses, doctors and ambos who are doing their very best in spite of an uncaring and dysfunctional government,”

“Our local community deserves better, Sarah and her family deserved better.”

Sarah Eken said that she was left horrified by her treatment and dismayed by the thought of her child having to receive treatment in our health system.

“I was beside myself throughout my ordeal, I just couldn`t understand why I was unable to get the help I so desperately needed,”

“My daughter is traumatised by our experience and has rarely left my side since I was finally released from hospital,”

“Something must be done, no one deserves to be treated as I was.”