It’s a cold, dark and windy Wednesday night. Most of us are tucked up in bed at home after a hard day’s work. Not the extraordinary men and women of the Narre Warren SES.

Rugged up in their orange overalls, they are out training and preparing to provide emergency assistance for when the extreme weather hits and the community needs their help.

To coincide with the launch of StormSafe week by the SES the Narre Warren SES unit found themselves hard at work this week responding to many calls following Wednesday’s wild weather.

StormSafe Week is annual campaign designed to raise awareness about the dangers of severe weather and provide some simple, useful tips on how everyone can take responsibility for their own safety and that of their property.

Ms Graley said that Narre Warren SES did a phenomenal job serving our community following a visit to their base during a training session.

“The Narre Warren SES unit is one of the state’s busiest and must respond to calls in one of the largest areas, making them one of the hardest working team’s around,”

“They work exceptionally hard to respond to all calls and still manage to find a way to keep up with the latest advances in emergency management,”

“I commend the work of their volunteers, indeed I can`t imagine what we would do without them,”

“It was terrific to spend the evening with the team and well done to Tim Howell on taking up the position as Unit Controller, you are all doing a fine job.” 

Unit Controller Tim Howell said that they were always looking for volunteers to ensure they could respond to calls across such a large area.

“Donations are welcome as we must fundraise continuously to pay for much needed modern equipment,”

“We do lots of community education and regularly provide advice to residents on how to deal with extreme weather.”

Further information on StormSafe week and tips on how to prepare for extreme weather can be found at