An Andrews Labor Government will build ten Tech Schools across Victoria including one in Casey.

Based on the KIOSC Wantirna facility, Labor’s plan for Tech Schools is about bringing the discovery and development of skills closer to home and closer to the classroom, at an even younger age.

Tech School students will spend a set period of time getting a technical education while maintaining enrolment at their local secondary school – not in place of a comprehensive education, but as part of it.

Local industries will work with TAFEs and universities to design Tech School courses, so they can get the workers and skills they need.  

Ms Graley said that the new Tech School would provide a new, hands-on learning experience that would ensure our young people get the skills, knowledge and confidence the need to build a better life.

“Under the Liberals we have seen our local schools abandoned, TAFE’s gutted and our young people left disengaged and unemployed,”

“We are now facing a youth unemployment crisis, our young people are struggling just to get a start in life and without our help we could find ourselves with a lost generation,”

“That’s why Labor will reinvest in our schools, we will provide our young people with the skills and opportunities they need to get ahead in life.”