State Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley has congratulated St Kevin’s Primary School students Siluni Hewa Dewage, Sarah Fritchley and Gaurish Sekar on winning her Community Spirit and Leadership Award.   

Each year, Ms Graley presents this award to one grade four student from each primary school in the Narre Warren South electorate.

Teachers select award winners who are regarded as having the potential to play a future leadership role in our community.

“The teachers at St Kevin’s could not decide on just one student to receive my award, because there were three very worthy students who just could not be separated,” Ms Graley said

“Award winners display a range of qualities, including being considerate of others, civic minded and demonstrating initiative,”

“Siluni, Sarah and Gaurish have each demonstrated these qualities to their teachers, who have chosen them for this award – congratulations to all three,”

“I know they will continue to play important leadership roles in our community.”

Teachers’ comments about each student

Siluni Hewa Dewage


Siluni is a very capable student who demonstrates care and understanding of the world around her. She is very caring of other students. Siluni always helps other students that are having difficulties, without complaining.


She is thirsty for knowledge and thrives on a challenge. At all times, Siluni is respectful, courteous and polite. Siluni shows maturity beyond her years and has also shown outstanding leadership skills.

Sarah Fritchley


Sarah is a smiley, vibrant, kind and enthusiastic child within the class of 3/4 VE. She is a class role model to her peers and always gives her 100% effort in everything that she does. She encourages her peers to do better and often helps resolves conflicts that may occur outside on the playground.


She is committed to her school work as well as various other activities outside of school such as singing lessons, piano and she loves swimming. Sarah will make a great leader as she prepares for senior school with her positive outlook in all that she does.

Gaurish Sekar


Often adults comment on how we never see Gaurish without a smile. Gaurish always comes to school with a smily and is a friendly face in our classroom. He is a keen learner and always extends a warm welcome to both adults and his peers. He excels in all areas of school life and has many friends here at St Kevins.


His polite nature sees that he ensures he ALWAYS says good morning to everyone, holds doors open, extends a helping hand and offer all he can to his classmates, teachers and family. You often find Gaurish racing to help someone if he is not hard at work himself.


Even with his excellent accademic and personal achievements Gaursh persists with his school work and personal goals to better himself any way he can.


He ensures that he strives to achieve his personal goals and do his best.  Gaurish is one who does take on board any advice given and can become very red in the face if he is praised publicly. He is very deserving of an award which acknowledges his personal effort to always help others and stay focused during all his activities.


Gaurish not only extends his keen and caring attitude in the classroom but he also participates in many out of school activities where he also tries his best. His leadership and never give up attitude has seen that his biggest academic strength is mathematics and his achievements at kumon, swimming, personal coaching, cricket and karate do not go unnoticed.