We often take for granted being able to complete the simplest tasks each and every
day, whether it to be showering or getting dressed in the morning.

Unfortunately for Samantha, a 22 year old woman with Cerebral Palsy she is unable to do these things alone and requires around the clock support and assistance.

State Labor Member for Narre Warren South Judith Graley recently met with Samantha’s
mother, Debbie to discuss her daughter’s needs and yesterday called on the Minister for Community Services to take action.

Ms Graley called on the Minister to ensure Samantha was allocated sufficient funding by the Department of Humans Services to ensure she can be showered, clothed and attend Outlook during the week.

“Samantha’s parents are clearly devoted to their daughter and have spent their lives caring
for her and providing her with the best possible life,”

“As they get older, their ability to lift and care for their daughter has declined and they desperately require further assistance to care for Samantha,”

“They are struggling to keep up with rising cost of caring for their daughter, they now require a hoist and as their vehicle isn`t wheelchair accessible they must rely upon taxi’s to transport Samantha.”

Ms Graley was shocked to discover that whenever Debbie contacts the Department of Human Services to request further assistance she is always told that there is no money and no budget to help Samantha.

“This is a truly devastating situation for the Hawley family, they are barely able to keep up with the costs of providing basic care for their daughter and they are unable to get any help,”

“Samantha is missing out on going to Outlook each week and her family can no longer
afford to arrange a taxi for her to visit her Dad,”

“This just isn’t fair. I urge the Minister to act, to take immediate action to fix this unacceptable situation and ensure Samantha gets the care she deserves.”