Too little too late

Dear Editor

What a sight it was to see our Minister for Education finally grace us with his presence to announce that Casey Central East Primary School would be built. Matching Labor’s commitment from the 2010 State Election.

It may well be the very first time he has stepped foot in Casey in the past four years.

He was of course joined by his Liberal mates Inga Peulich and Ken Smith. Not to mention our local councillors who just happen to be Liberal candidates for the upcoming state election Geoff Ablett and Susan Serey.

Funnily enough, not once have any of them even mentioned the need for Casey Central East Primary School to be built.

They didn`t join my campaign for the school to be built and failed to advocate on behalf of local families who have been crying out for this school to be built for many years.

To everyone who signed my petition and campaigned tirelessly for the school to be built, I
thank you. It is because of your hard work that this school will finally be built.

Rest assured I will continue to fight on behalf of the community to ensure the very best school is built as soon as possible.