Strathaird Primary School student Cooper Tavinor has been awarded a Community, Spirit and Leadership award.

The ceremony took place at the school assembly that also featured fantastic performances from the Grade 3 with the song ‘Everything is awesome’ from the Lego movie and the Grade 6 with Count on Me by Bruno Mars.

“Cooper is a wonderful young man and leader who has taken it upon himself to help other in his school community,”

 “He is a fantastic role model for his classmates, has a thirst for knowledge and I suspect that he will go on to play an important leadership role within our community.”

Teachers’ comments about Cooper,

  • Cooper is a polite and well-mannered student who excels in both literacy and maths. He is a great friend to many and is always the first to help someone in need. He is always happy to help with any task required and carries this out with a smile.
  • Cooper is aware of the world around him and has an interest and understanding of contemporary world issues. He has a desire to know more and continually questions and researches to attain more knowledge.
  • Cooper is interested in a range of different activities within the school community and spends many recess and lunch times participating in these. Out of school, he is also actively involved in his community and pursues his many interests and talents.