The figures don’t lie, the fear on the faces of our young people is plain for all to see and local education providers and youth services continue to tell us the same story.

There is a youth unemployment crisis in the south east and people of all ages and backgrounds fear that this will be a lost generation.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that the youth unemployment rate for 15-24 years olds in the south east has hit 12.9 per cent.

It was also revealed that one third of all underemployed in the state are aged between 15-24 years of age.

Narre Warren South has more youth aged 15-24 than the Victorian average and the City of Casey is expected to be home to over 70,000 young people by 2020.

Ms Graley said that it was a developing tragedy that many of our young people are unable to afford or even access further study or training, let alone find work.

“The job queues are growing daily as struggling businesses in the south east are forced to close their doors and young people are denied the opportunity to get a start in life,”

“I am constantly contacted by young people in my electorate who are finding it desperately hard to get a job,”

“This week I will be taking a delegation of students from Fountain Gate Secondary College to Parliament to raise their concerns about youth unemployment and disengagement,”

“We must all work together to ensure we can provide our young people with the opportunities they need to get ahead in life.”

Claude Olivares, Manager of Youthworks Victoria said that more and more young people were coming to him for help they couldn`t find anywhere else.

“There are so many young people who have left school early or have been unable to complete further study or training that are now finding themselves unable to find work,”

“We are doing all we can to educate, train and empower these young people but there are always more looking for help,”

“These kids need our help, they need our guidance and more must be done to ensure they have the same opportunities as anyone else.” 

Nicolas Menares, a 17 year old student said he had been applying for jobs for the past two years without luck.

“I am constantly applying for all sorts of jobs, yet I am lucky if I even get an acknowledgment of my application,”

“Not once have I even been offered an interview, it’s just so frustrating and really quite unfair,”

“I want to work, I want to earn my own money and just get a start somewhere.”

Youthworks Victoria provides training and assistance to young people looking to find work and gain new skills.

If you are in need of assistance visit Claude and his team at Unit 25/87-91 Hallam Road South, Hallam or call 9796 3724.