A Note From Judith

Youth unemployment is dangerously high and Napthine must act. We cannot risk a whole
generation of young Victorians never getting a job. 

  • Youth unemployment in Victoria has hit 14 per cent.
  • Underemployment (those with a job who want more hours) is at 6.4 per cent
  • 1/3 of all underemployed are aged 15 to 24 years.
  • Narre Warren South has more youth aged 15-24 than the Victorian average.

Add to these figures Victoria’s manufacturing industry crisis, with Holden, Toyota, Ford and Alcoa all going.

Don’t forget to throw into the mix Napthine’s savage cuts to TAFE, gutting of apprenticeships training and axing of VCAL programs.

The resulting hand for Narre Warren South dealt by Napthine is a decline in  manufacturing jobs, a lack of educational pathways for our youth and high youth unemployment.

I continue to be absolutely astounded that the Liberals are not investing in our
youth. Youth unemployment will hurt the economy in the long term. This is not
acceptable as we have an aging population and a smaller workforce that will have to support more retired Australians. Clearly cuts to TAFE, VCAL, education will ultimately end up costing Victoria in the long term dearly.

And yet this hopeless government still has no jobs plan and absolutely no plan for youth unemployment.

The Napthine Government must take responsibility for this mess of cuts and the crisis they have created and do something.

We do not want to go down the European path and end up with a ‘lost generation’. Napthine must act now.

The youth of Victoria deserves better.