A Note From Judith

I constantly meet women from all backgrounds and ages who are having difficulties with entering and re-entering the workforce.

As a woman I know how busy we all are and to achieve a work/life balance is not that

We know that:

  • Women on average earn 15.7 % less than men in Victoria
  • Women aged 40-44 earn 24.3% less than men.
  • Women reach retirement age with 42.1% less superannuation than men.
  • Women with a disability participate in the workforce 12% less than men with a
  • Youth unemployment in Victoria has hit 14 per cent

Worryingly underemployment (those seeking more work) for women is double than that for men at 9%.

Female participation in the workforce is important for a strong economy, but also for
healthy communities, and let’s face it, most families cannot survive without a second income. 

Women re-entering the workforce have to take into account a lot of issues; affordable
childcare, flexible employment arrangements and an understanding workplace. These must be a priority for government. 

We need more workplaces to acknowledge the real needs of parents and women, we must
change workplaces cultures and the Government must lead on this. 

Many women over 50 have told me how hard it is even to get a job interview.

I strongly believe our community and our workplaces are not helped by any forms
of ageism or sexism.

Not only do Victorian women deserve better from the Napthine Government, but
our workplaces would be better places if more women had jobs.

We shouldn’t face a situation where women in our community do not feel as though
they are being supported.

We need a government to show leadership. I will be working with Daniel
Andrews and the Labor team to deliver a government that really cares about Victorian women.