The Baillieu and now Napthine Government had promised to fix the health system, reduce
elective surgery waiting times, open 800 new beds and improve access to the
health system for all Victorians.

Yet, here we are, two and a half years later, and both Mr Baillieu and Mr Napthine have failed to keep a single one of their many promises on health.

Instead we have seen $826 million worth of cuts to our health system as waiting lists blowout and beds are closed.

Casey Hospital which is now at breaking point has seen a 20 per cent increase in the
elective surgery waiting list since the election, with more than 2000 people now waiting. Ambulances are often forced to ramp outside the hospital and local residents are stuck waiting for hours to receive treatment in the emergency ward.”

It is time Mr Napthine addressed the neglect and deteriorating services that had become a
hallmark of the Baillieu years.

Local residents should not be left to languish on growing waiting lists as this government congratulates itself on its cruel, callous and conceited budget.

Mr Napthine must start fixing the problems and delivering on his promises to improve our health system.

Deliver the 800 new beds, cut surgery waiting times and ensure Casey hospital is equipped to provide for our growing community.