Upgrade Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road

The Baillieu Government has caved into pressure to match Labor’s commitment to upgrade Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road.

The State Government has announced that it will duplicate Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road between Pound Road and Thompsons Road, a project first committed to by Labor at the 2010 State Election.

We started our campaign with the Baillieu Government being totally opposed to the idea of an upgrade to Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road, but we have managed to turn this around in only 18 months. In the end, they just ran out of excuses.

Congratulations to the thousands of people involved in the ‘Upgrade Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road’ campaign, including the residents who signed the petition, joined the Facebook page and wrote to the Minister.

Campaign to upgrade Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road

August 2010 Judith Graley hosts community meeting with VicRoads and local residents about the need for an upgrade of Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road.

November 2010 Brumby Labor Government promises $48 million to duplicate Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road. Liberal Party does not match this commitment.

March 2011 Judith Graley launches petition to upgrade Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road. More than 1000 local residents sign the petition.

May 2011 The Baillieu Government’s first Budget does not include a single extra dollar in new road upgrades in the City of Casey – a stark contrast to the $500 million invested in Casey’s roads by the former Labor Government.

November 2011 Casey Council’s transport forum again highlights the need to duplicate Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road. Casey Council and Judith Graley continue campaign.

Shadow Minister for Roads Jacinta Allan joins Judith Graley at Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road to again highlight the need for an upgrade.

Facebook page launched to support campaign to upgrade Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road.

March 2012 In Parliament, Judith Graley calls on the Baillieu Government to fund the duplication of Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road. This is the eleventh time she has raised it in the Legislative Assembly.

Judith assists local residents with letter-writing campaign to the Minister for Roads.

April 2012 Liberal MP Inga Peulich issues Media Release stating that the Baillieu Government will not duplicate Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road

Baillieu Government caves into pressure and announces Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road duplication