Napthine and Abbott Hit Seniors Hard

Napthine and Abbott budgets will hit pensioners and seniors hard;

  • The pension age will rise to 70 by 2035
  • Increases in the pension will be reduced.
  • Thresholds for eligibility will also be frozen.
  • Eligibility criteria around the health card has been tightened
  • Car registration up
  • Stampduty up
  • Public transport fares will increase by CPI plus 2.5 per cent
  • Petrol tax up

There will also be changes with parenting payments, carers payments, Veteran Affairs pensions and the Disability Support Pensions – $400 million cuts in 2017-18 alone.

The Napthine Government will cap electricity and gas bill concessions – gouging $44.3
million over the next four years.

The Liberals are making the cost of living for our Seniors worse.

On top of all this the Liberal Government want to establish a $7 Tax to go to the doctor. They say the Medicare system is too expensive, but not one dollar of the GP Tax will be spent on health.  

Victorians should feel angered and betrayed. I understand your pain and alarm.

The Abbott and Napthine Liberal Governments are breaking a promise Australia made with our fellow citizens at the start of their working life.

Seniors have worked hard their whole lives, are having their lives made tougher, at a time when they should be taking time to relax and enjoy their retirement and grandchildren.

The Labor Party has not lost our sense of fairness and our sense of family and community.

We know these cuts will seriously impact on the lives of Victorian seniors.

Only Judith Graley and an Andrews Labor Government will look to support our seniors with compassion and not with the disdain we have witnessed from the Napthine and Abbott Liberal Governments.