The Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) has announced a State
Redivision in order to keep a similar number of electors enrolled in each
electoral district.

The seat of Narre Warren South will remain, but due to population growth, the
borders have changed. 

The Narre Warren South district gains the remainder of Hampton Park from Lyndhurst in the west and a small portion from Bass in the east, just behind Eden Rise shopping centre.

The re-distribution has resulted in the district dropping from 52,340 to 42,170 electors.

To view a map of the new Narre Warren South electorate, click here.

I look forward to continuing the make sure the people of Narre Warren South are represented by a strong, enthusiastic and committed Labor voice in the Parliament of Victoria.

If you would like to read more about the redistribution, the Electoral Boundaries Commission of Victoria has a detailed report and it can be found here:

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