Berwick Fields Primary School parking situation

Ms GRALEY(Narre Warren South) — (Question 108) My question is to the Minister for Education, and it concerns parking at Berwick Fields Primary School.

It is a fantastic local school with over 1000 students, and it continues to grow. This is causing significant difficulties for parents attempting to pick up and drop off their children. In fact there have already been two car accidents at the school since the start of the school year. One was so serious that a car was written off.

Parents have told me that there is simply not enough parking and that the available space is too small. Many parents are now parking on nature strips, private driveways, in the designated drop-off zone or in the nearby church car park. Unfortunately many are now being fined by the City of Casey, putting further pressure on already stressed family budgets. There is also significant confusion between parents, the school and the council about parking restrictions.

We need someone to take responsibility to find a solution. Who will it be — the Department of Education and Training, VicRoads or the local council? Something needs to be done. I know this is happening at schools right across my electorate, and local families have had enough.

I ask the minister to provide an update on what steps the Andrews Labor government is taking to address parking issues at schools like Berwick Fields Primary School.