Brentwood Park Primary School

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Education and concerns Brentwood Park Primary School in my electorate. The action I seek is that the minister ensure that funding is provided for the school to complete minor works on its performing arts centre.

This outstanding local school began its project to refurbish its old gymnasium and turn it into a performing arts centre in 2010. Over the past five years the school community has worked tirelessly to make this a reality, raising over $300 000. Not a single cent was provided by the previous Liberal government. This extraordinary fundraising campaign allowed the school to get to work and construct a stage, to build two additional rooms, and to install seating, curtains and a sound system. It is a wonderful learning and performance space that is used by students to practise and to put on some dazzling performances. You can regularly hear the wonderful choir singing, students learning to play keyboard or the band practising. The facility is also available for use by local community groups, and each Sunday a church service is held there. It has even been used as a voting centre on election day; it is a good booth! Unfortunately the space remains unfinished and needs a few minor works to complete it. The lighting system is in need of an upgrade, as it is quite old and very unreliable. The centre also needs additional seating, trolleys to store the seating, four microphones and air conditioning. The space gets extremely hot during summer, and a new air conditioning system is a must for staff and students. This is a very modest request from a school that has delivered a fantastic new facility for its students with little assistance.

Like so many other schools in my electorate, it was forced to go without under the Baillieu and Napthine governments. Yet the Brentwood Park school community refused to give up; it rallied together and it delivered a good facility for its students and the community. The school community has done a wonderful job and should be very proud of all it has achieved. I especially want to thank the principal, Jim Bell, and his outstanding team, school councillors and staff. Brentwood Park Primary School really is a fun place to go and is a wonderful learning environment for our students. I do hope that we can pitch in and provide this wonderful local school with the funding it needs to complete the final touches on its performing arts centre.