Brentwood Park Primary School

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — Brentwood Park Primary School is an outstanding local school that has recently started teaching Chinese language classes. Students have had the opportunity to learn not only the language but also about China’s fascinating history and culture.

As part of this program, Brentwood Park Primary School has established a sister-school relationship with Yangzhong experimental primary school in China. Yangzhong’s principal, its English-language teacher and nine students visited Brentwood Park Primary School earlier this year. They spent a number of days at the school and stayed with local families.

I was thrilled to hear from the school’s new student leaders about what a fantastic time they all had together. This is a great investment in the future of our students and country. Such was the success of the visit that even the Age ran an article about it. I know that students and indeed staff would love to visit their sister school in China.

 I will be asking the minister’s advice on what may be available to assist Brentwood Park Primary School to organise a trip to its sister school in China.