Bus Route 892

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Public Transport and concerns bus route 892. The action I seek is that the minister direct Public Transport Victoria to investigate the idling of buses on this route, in particular on Littlecroft Avenue.

 I have regularly been contacted by James and Kate Gilluley, residents of Littlecroft Avenue in Narre Warren South, about this issue. In fact I raised their concerns with the previous minister in this very chamber. Over several years we fought to stop buses idling at a bus stop just outside James and Kate’s home. In an email from December 2011 James wrote:

The 847 and more recently the 892 use Littlecroft Avenue as a terminus and during each stop they will wait for up to 20 minutes, usually 15–17 with the engine running.

These buses would often sit just outside the Gilluleys’ bedroom for up to 20 minutes, from before 6.00 a.m. till late at night, each day and every day — a completely unacceptable situation. It took some time and repeated letters to the minister, but eventually bus drivers on both routes were instructed to wait further away from the Gilluleys’ home. They were also instructed to wait for no more than 5 minutes. Unfortunately this directive is not being followed.

James Gilluley has again been in contact with my office, as buses are once again idling for up to 20 minutes. There is now ample space for buses to wait on Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road following the completion of duplication works earlier this year, yet buses are not using it, much to the frustration of local residents who have been putting up with this behaviour for years. James and Kate have contacted Cranbourne Transit. They have spoken to the bus drivers, yet they are getting absolutely nowhere. They have put up with constant noise and air pollution for years, showing remarkable restraint, patience and understanding throughout.

They deserve to have this situation resolved. Simply put, they deserve better, and I believe that our new Minister for Public Transport may be able to assist them. I ask the minister to ensure that Public Transport Victoria investigates this matter and finally puts an end to this disruptive behaviour.