Casey Hospital

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — Families in Narre Warren South could not ask for a better state budget. We have ended four years of neglect and are getting on with the job of investing in jobs, schools, hospitals and transport. It is a true Labor budget, a budget that delivers for families and ensures that, unlike those opposite, we keep our promises.

We have delivered in full $106.3 million for the much-needed expansion of Casey Hospital. This massive expansion will include a new inpatient tower, four new operating theatres, a new surgery recovery centre and 96 extra beds, including Casey’s first intensive care unit. This significant expansion will enable Casey Hospital to treat 12 000 more patents, conduct 8000 more surgeries and support 500 more births.

I note that the member for Gembrook, who did not seem overly concerned about the hospital’s needs when in government, asked a question of the Treasurer about the funding provided in the state budget for this vital project. The Treasurer replied:

On page 76 of budget paper 3, in table 1.13, under ‘Casey Hospital expansion’, there it is: the total estimated investment (TEI) is $106 million, and the note says ‘TEI includes funding held in contingency pending completion of business planning and development’. It could not be clearer.

Yet despite this, we have the Leader of the Opposition scampering out to Casey to have his photo taken with the member for Gembrook for the local papers, feigning concern about projects the coalition never funded in a community it neglected and short-changed, year after year. It is quite concerning that these two seem to be either unable to read or extremely short-sighted as the funding for Casey Hospital is right there.

Labor built Casey Hospital, and I can assure local families that we are now getting on with expanding it for our growing local community.