City of Casey: volunteer awards

Ms GRALEY — I would also like to make special mention of those from my electorate who were recognised at the 2012 Casey volunteer awards held last Friday. Nominees included Brian Regan, Colin Smith, Michelle Barnes, Paul Bradley, Vicki Harding, Michele Halsall, Kerri Harris, Julie Hughes, Russ Pearce, Jean Read, Wendy Saunders, Pat Stone, Wayne Taylor and Paul Wright — all terrific people.

The Casey Community Flood Support Group, led by the indefatigable Michele Halsall, received the Casey Volunteer Group award. It was well deserved. The Casey Volunteer Organisation award went to the Balla Balla Community Centre for its wonderful volunteer program. Rosemary and Keith Savage were recognised for their work with the local volunteer transport service, winning the Casey Volunteering Pair award.