Courtenay Gardens and Brentwood Park Primary School leaders

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — I recently had the pleasure of attending the badge ceremony for the 2014 student leaders at Courtenay Gardens Primary School.

Congratulations to school captains Jaymi Muzzicato and Ayden Dahmes; school vice-captains Shania Berryman and Jobe Bass; house captains Wenuka Bandar, Caitlin Zealley,
Jarrod Goodinson, Courtney Scilley, Mason Heeger, Jo Jo Zheng, Riley Smithett and Shakira Dawkins; and house vice-captains Cristian Castillo, Olivia Featherston, Max Inns, Eva Pateras, Aman Rana, Nethmini Botheju, Corey Provan and Albelyn White.

I also attended the badge ceremony at Brentwood Park Primary School. Congratulations to school captains Zoe Prvulj and Lewis Hill; school vice captains Adelle Pool and William
Mortimore; house captains Lara Parks, Matthew Norris, Jai Neal, Hailey Buckman, Georgia Shacklock, Matthew Shaw, Apryl Tonkin and Heath Taylor; student
representative councillors Megan Kennedy, Hannah Smith, Chanelle Hurley, Chloe Jones, Ricky Prvulj, William Smith, Leonara Azemi, Olivia Poulton, Faith Hastie and Jai Williams.

These students are all young leaders with a great future who are serving their school and the local community. I know their parents are rightly proud of them. Aung San Suu Kyi, an
inspiration to me and many others, once said, ‘By helping others, you will learn how to help yourselves’. This is the wise advice I passed on to the school leaders, as well as advising them to have some fun too. They are our young stars.

It was a joy to present them with their badges, and I know they will lead their school communities onwards and upwards to good things. I look forward to catching up with them throughout the year.