Hampton Park Networking Group

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) – To celebrate 10 outstanding years the Hampton Park Networking Group recently held a delightful black and white ball for the local community.

I was part of a 200-strong crowd that experienced a fantastic night, which was full of laughter, joy and unforgettable entertainment — speaking of which, Scarlett L’Amour and Velvet Eclaire, la councillor Louise Berkelmans, and Naomi Horsley, provided a risqué burlesque performance. It sent some men running, while others lapped it all up. T. J., a
Michael Jackson impersonator and local boy, was on fire as the legendary King of Pop.

I expected nothing less, though, as over the past 10 years this group has continually hosted memorable events, In fact, since the Hampton Park Networking Group was established in 2003 they have hosted over 130 events, most notably the Community Kitchen Rules Bake-off, a fashion show, twilight market and the Hampton Park Community Festival each and every year.

These events have attracted thousands of people to Hampton Park and showcased what our local businesses and the community have to offer.

I thank the volunteers who put on the night: Vanassa Gerdes, Saahil Luthra, Wendy Murphy, Erica Maliki, Lisa Neindorf, Sue Murphy, Dorine Alouier and Sachin Arora. Well done; it was a bonza night and a night to remember in Hampton Park.

The major sponsors of the ball included Centre One, InterActive Products Group, MB Plastering, DPV Services, Ray-Tron Electrical and A & D Cabling Services.

My husband and I danced the night away with the good folks at Hampton Park. It does not matter if you are black or white. I thank the Hampton Park Networking Group and the local businesses for putting on a fantastic night.