Hampton Park Secondary College

Ms GRALEY — Not to be upstaged, students at Hampton Park Secondary College provided a dazzling display of musical performances.

Silao Stanzlauz-Ato and Pene Va sang a mash-up of songs in English and Samoan. Monica Reea performed a beautiful Cook Islands dance and took to the stage with her classmates to perform the amazing sasa.

Well done to Semi Felise, Rachel Meni, Sala Meni, Corrine Tapusini, Chris Westerlund, Marguerite Leilua, Karen Tuifelasai, Konrad Tauaa, Gus Seiuli, Jay Vailosaloa, Ivy Robertson and Tama Westerlund.

The school’s ‘multi pride’ leaders, Paz Dichoso and Geomar Landicho, also spoke about their commitment to the school’s values of respect, learning and working together, and these values were clear to see in the school’s new song, Stand Together, which was performed by the incredibly talented Jurel Ortencio. She sang:

We are all in one community

We all come in our different ways

We are the many who make up the one

When we come together we stand as one

It was a fitting note to end a day that showed off the very best of Hampton Park Secondary College. I know the minister was very impressed and had a great time.