Kambrya College

Ms GRALEY (Narre Warren South) — My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Education and concerns Kambrya College in my electorate. The action I seek is that the minister ensure that funding is provided for Kambrya College’s proposed new multi-purpose facility in the upcoming state budget.

This outstanding local school always goes above and beyond for its students. Principal Michael Muscat and his extraordinary team truly believe in the school’s motto of ‘Maximising the potential of each student’. Each and every one of their students receives the very best support, care and education they could ask for, but as with any great school, they want to do even better.

Unfortunately many of their senior students are currently forced to use old portable classroom at the rear of the school. These tired old classrooms often leave their students — and their teachers — feeling isolated from the rest of the school community. To ensure that this fantastic school can continue to meet its students’ needs it is proposing to construct a new multipurpose facility. The facility would replace the existing portable classrooms and incorporate new classrooms and a multipurpose room on the second storey. This unique multipurpose room would have movable walls that would allow the school to create one large room, smaller rooms or whatever configuration works for it. It would also be available for community use, as Kambrya has a long and rich history of working with its local community.

Kambrya is experiencing significant growth in student numbers, with its year 7 intake increasing from 155 to 270 this year. This has brought its total enrolment to almost 1200 students, and the school again expects to grow by at least 100 students next year, not to mention the new housing estate of 1000 houses which has just begun construction and falls within the Kambrya College neighbourhood area. We live in a growth area.

To put it quite simply, the school is full to bursting; every single classroom at the school is now fully utilised. The team at Kambrya College are making it work, but they do need this new multipurpose facility as soon as possible.

Our hardworking minister has seen firsthand the exceptional work being done by the team at Kambrya College. He has seen their dedication, their commitment and their willingness to do their very best for the students. He has seen why the ABC chose this school after searching right across Australia to find its showcase school for a major television series on education. It will be coming up in the middle of the year; I urge members not to miss it. I urge the minister to ensure that they can continue their fine work by providing funding for the new multipurpose facility in the upcoming state budget. They really deserve it.